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Efficient Logistics, Delivered With Care

-Maninder Sidhu,Director

Car Transport Service:

We provide reliable and efficient truck transportation services across Australia, including taxi trucks to Melbourne. With our advanced logistics software and real-time tracking, we ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries for our clients. Additionally, our car transport service offers cheap car transport from Melbourne to Perth and other major cities, providing a convenient solution for individuals and businesses looking to move vehicles across the country.

Safety First, Always.

Between the point of departure and destination

At Apex, safety is our top priority – we take care of our employees, clients, and suppliers by creating a work environment that’s 100% secure and incident-free so that everyone can thrive.

truck transportation services
truck transport melbourne
truck transport Service
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Affordable Transport Solutions, Redefined

Our services

We offer full-service solutions for your transport, storage, distribution, and supply chain needs at an affordable price. With our expertise and experience in car transport service, truck transportation services, and FTL logistics, we can handle any transport project. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and design unique solutions to meet their needs.

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Maximize your shipping capacity with our FTL logistics, offering efficient and cost-effective transport solutions for your cargo needs.

truck transport services


For smaller shipments, Apex offers LTL services, delivering cost-effective and reliable transport solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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Distribution and Storage

Our modern warehousing capabilities offer secure and efficient distribution and storage solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Taxi truck Melbourne


Apex provides reliable and efficient local transport services such as car transport service, and truck transportation services, across Australia.

truck transportation services


Our interstate transport services including car transport from Victoria to Western Australia, offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for businesses.

car transport from melbourne to perth

East-West Express

Apex's East-West Express provides fast and efficient transport solutions for businesses looking to move cargo across Australia from east to west.

Our Features

The Apex Difference

Choose Apex for unparalleled customer service, innovative solutions, and reliable transport, storage, and distribution services tailored to your business needs.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority at Apex Transport and Distribution. We make every effort to meet our clients’ service needs, both now and in the future. We collaborate with our suppliers to improve our performance and regard them as partners in business.

Warehouse Storage

Flexible and cost-effective warehousing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Real-Time Tracking

Track your cargo in real time with our advanced tracking systems for reliable deliveries.

Fast and Efficient Delivery

Ensures fast and efficient delivery of your cargo with our advanced logistics solutions.

Security for Cargo

Rest easy knowing your cargo is secure with Apex's top-notch security measures.

Delivered on time with no hassle.

We are your transport service providers for now and in the future.

Food & Beverages

Oil and Gas


Industrial Manufacturers

Dangerous Goods

Freight & Courier Companies

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Our service areas

At Apex Transport and Distribution, we specialize in interstate transportation, covering Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane with services including cheap car transport from Melbourne to Perth and taxi trucks to Melbourne  contact us

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